Diamond Peeling is physical process, not a chemical one, which acts by regenerating skin cells, leaving them young and healthy for people who want to smooth out skin blemishes, minor acne scars, opens pores and also for the treatment of striations. Diamond Peel is a great procedure to remove excess skin oils. It is also fast and leaves no scars, allowing patients to quickly return to their normal activities. Diamond Peeling is painless, yet a degree of discomfort varies with the sensitivity of the person and the type of treatment they will undergo.

The Diamond Peel treatment consists of a diamond tip attached to a vacuum device, which slips over the skin, performing a microdermabrasion, ie a skin exfoliation. In its simplest form, the Diamond Peeling is a pen that has diamond beads on the tip that exfoliate, and at the same time sucks on the skin, removing dead cells and generating new ones, providing a more youthful and healthy appearance. Exfoliation is beneficial because it improves blood circulation in the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, responsible for elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Other treatments should be associated with Diamond Peeling, like facials and moisturizing. Diamond Peeling should be performed in sessions ranging from five to ten sessions, with intervals of at least 15 days, according to the medical advice given to patients.

The Diamond Peel is great even after the first session. The skin is softer, moisturized, revitalized and the quality of the skin will already be improved.
Diamond Peeling uses a diamond tip that glides over the skin causing exfoliation. It is intended to soften acne blemishes, enlarge the pores and treat new stretch marks. There is a mild peel and cut of the first layer of the epidermis and may be associated with treatments that work in other layers of the skin, such as chemical peels.

Diamond Peeling uses advanced jet crystals of aluminum hydroxide responsible for exfoliation, to remove the deeper layers of skin, stimulating the cellular regeneration and collagen production.
The Diamond Peel is great for providing skin that look healthier and more radiant, and can be done on the same day of an event, for example. Diamond Peeling has no contraindications and the only primary care is sun exposure. Sunscreen should be used daily. Always look for a dermatologist to guide and recommend the treatments.