Mole Removal
• Telangiectasia
• Cholesterol Deposits
• Milia
• Cherry Angiomas
• Spider Naevi • Clogged Pores
• Skin Tags
• Fibromas
• Acne Pimples

• Immediate results
• Precise treatment of minor skin irregularities
• Rapid treatment time
(3-5 seconds)
• Significant revenue generation
• Non-invasive • Simple & easy to use
• Effectively treats a wide variety of common minor skin conditions
• Minimum client discomfort
• No anesthesia required

Skin Care
26245270_sDiamond Peeling is physical process, not a chemical one, which acts by regenerating skin cells, leaving them young and healthy for people who want to smooth out skin blemishes, minor acne scars, opens pores and also for the treatment of striations. Diamond Peel is a great procedure to remove excess skin oils. It is also fast and leaves no scars, allowing patients to quickly return to their normal activities. Diamond Peeling is painless, yet a degree of discomfort varies with the sensitivity of the person and the type of treatment they will undergo. The Diamond Peel is great even after the first session. The skin is softer, moisturized, revitalized and the quality of the skin will already be improved.